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The Lindsey Golden Project is a window into the creative mind of a dancer, director, producer, acrobat, and artistic explorer. All are welcome to write inquires about artistic collaboration, choreography, personal training, fitness & yoga lessons, Master Classes, music video production, or general dance/cirque questions. Lindsey Golden and Golden Dance Experiment are affiliated with Baltimore art organizations Firehouse Arts and Music (F.A.M.) and the Artists Compound LLC.

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The Lindsey Golden Project features all of the highlights during Golden Dance Experiment seasons 1-5.

New collaborators for season 5:
CONTEMPORARY DANCE GUEST ARTISTS For OBAMA's HALLOWEEN 2016: Kelly Weckessler Hall, Samantha Hopkins and Kristy Ganssle- (The Collective and Deep Vision Dance Company)- Lindsey Golden invited Kelly, Samantha and Kristy to perform together for the last Halloween party at the White House under President Obama. They were cast as Wind Box Dancers- Fire and Wind :) Lindsey's picture was featured on NPR news, The White House online gallery, and of her ribbon dancing on a wind box, dressed as a living flame.

ACROYOGA: guest artist Elenore Bramwell performed at W.O.W. (Women of the World) convention with Lindsey Golden Oct 2016. Hoping to see some new acroyoga collaborations from Lyle John Saunders and continued training and music video work with AsanaRoots founder, Eric N. Snipes!

PERFORMANCES WITH LIVE MUSICIANS: Kim Gravatt- (Fractal Cat, F.A.M. and Artists Compound resident performer) AND Daveed Korup- (Baltimore Drum Church and F.A.M. drum instructor/resident performer). Vorrh and Dominic Fragman at the Wind Up Space; Slow Lights at Artists Compound at Ignite 2016, Firehouse Music and Arts on Eutaw ST, and the Wind Up Space; Fractal Cat at WTMD for their 3rd album release party for The Tower, Telesma at 8x10; Daveed Korup at Firehouse Music and Arts events and Baltimore Drum Church

BOLLYWOOD/BELLYDANCE: Rimi Basu (Indian classical singer/contemporary Bollywood dancer)- Lindsey and Rimi are working together with Gonzostein Productions and Jason Sage on her latest Indian music and contemporary Bollywood dance projects. Winter 2016 Rimi's first performance with Telesma as lead singer and Lindsey Golden performing live GoGo with silk fans at 8x10 in Baltimore.

LYRA, POLE, MODELING, AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Company photo shoots with Seth Milder and Jason Sage

Lisa Eibner- new hooping apprentice for Golden Dance Experimet; classically trained in ballet and modern dance

Season 4 Flashback!
Contemporary dancers, Lyra, acro partnering: Lindsey Golden, Hillary Moon, Lainie G. and Christina Moondust
Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbons: Lindsey Golden
Juggler/acrobat: Salih Mahammed (square, cube, bounce, multi pin, fire juggling)
Aerials, flow arts, fire dance and hooping: Erin Jeannier, Hillary Moon, Lainie G.
Isis Wings, Silk Scarves: Lindsey Golden, Lainie G., Christina Moondust
Contemporary Ballet and Classical Ballet performance and choreography: Lindsey Golden
Belly dance fusion- Lindsey Golden and Lainie G.

Guest artists/collaborators from season 4: Lyle John Saunders (acroyoga), Mie Kie and Lindz Erodes of Pyrophillia, Victoria Aye: HiveMind and GoGo with Chemical X, musician Matthew Fernandez and his band Red Sword, Ultra Nate, Quentin Harris

Resident Composer: Gonzostein (Seth Milder and Lindsey Golden)
Resident Videographer/Photographer: Seth Milder

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