Site Specifics by the Golden Dance Experiment

New Project: A collection of site specific pieces around Baltimore with my company, the Golden Dance Experiment! We will be continuing to rehearse through August, but expect new videos of site specific work in different parts of Charm City coming up late August-December. Additionally, I plan on taking the recordings and creating a short film with musical score by myself and Seth Milder.

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New Article Published in DC Arts Magazine, Bourgeon!

Please enjoy my latest publication in Bourgeon magazine, entitled The Golden Dance Experiment. It captures all my latest dance works, ideas, and performances, as well as explains a bit about my creative process. You can find the article by going to Bourgeon's home page at or by using the direct URL at

New Dance Company, "The Golden Dance Experiment"

Beginning June 2012 Lindsey Golden is embarking on a new dance project: "The Golden Dance Experiment." The company is a professional contemporary modern ensemble, with a focus on pushing the boundaries of modern dance and contemporary ballet. Expect to see the group in performance starting August 2012. In the coming months the dancers will be learning five to six dance pieces and engaging in exciting photo shoots for their big debut in the Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. dance community.

"Within a Cell" Video

Choreography: Orit Sherman
Dancers: Megan Baker, Elizabeth Cunningham, Lindsey Golden, Roxie Doniphan Thomas, Staci Vernal
Music: Omer Horwitz
Dec. 11-12, 2010

Check out the 2010 Eureka Dance Festival with AriDen Dance company. Lindsey is the cell creature in the sheet, dancing and twirling like a newly formed cell undergoing mitosis. When free of the sheet, she stands out with her bright red hair!

Dance Baltimore

Now a proud member of Dance Baltimore! An organization of dancers in the Baltimore community, teaching, performing, and enriching the local art scene with dance. She will be able to collaborate of other dance artists, teach, perform, and enjoy new dance shows during the 2012 season.

Mission Statement(s)

ARISTIC OBJECTIVE: To teach and inspire today’s youth and to work and collaborate in an environment of diverse and open-minded artists that evoke organic movement and inspire creativity. As a choreographer, the bounds of physical movement are pushed and creativity is often inspired from other artwork, societal pressures/constraints, and nature. As a solo artist, I enjoy telling a story with my hands, feet, spinal movements, and captivate the audience with the flick of a wrist, or the quick movements of my swinging limbs. As a collaborator, I am open to trying new movement concepts as well as giving my own creative take on how to form dynamic movement phrases and body/audience conversation.


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