Mission Statement(s)

ARISTIC OBJECTIVE: To teach and inspire today’s youth and to work and collaborate in an environment of diverse and open-minded artists that evoke organic movement and inspire creativity. As a choreographer, the bounds of physical movement are pushed and creativity is often inspired from other artwork, societal pressures/constraints, and nature. As a solo artist, I enjoy telling a story with my hands, feet, spinal movements, and captivate the audience with the flick of a wrist, or the quick movements of my swinging limbs. As a collaborator, I am open to trying new movement concepts as well as giving my own creative take on how to form dynamic movement phrases and body/audience conversation.

A professional contemporary dance ensemble with a focus on performance and art education programs in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. The company mission is to blend a fusion of dance styles and forms to create a dynamic and thought provoking show for the intelligent audience member. Visual and audio sensory stimulation will be tested and pushed in order to create new experiences for both dancer and observer.