Artscape 2016 Space

Artscape 2016- Theme Space
Choreography- Lindsey Golden
Performance by Golden Dance Experiment's Lindsey Golden and Hillary Moon
Guest Artists from Deep Vision Dance Company and The Collective
Music Composition by Gonzostein and Red Sword

Lifecycle of a Super Red Giant Star and the Birth and Death of a Black Hole

Concept behind piece:
"Say you have a star that’s about 20 times more massive than the Sun. Our Sun is going to end its life quietly; when its nuclear fuel burns out, it’ll slowly fade into a white dwarf. That’s not the case for far more massive stars. When those monsters run out of fuel, gravity will overwhelm the natural pressure the star maintains to keep its shape stable. When the pressure from nuclear reactions collapses, according to the Space Telescope Science Institute, gravity violently overwhelms and collapses the core and other layers are flung into space. This is called a supernova. The remaining core collapses into a singularity — a spot of infinite density and almost no volume. That’s another name for a black hole." Source: