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"Within a Cell" Video

Choreography: Orit Sherman
Dancers: Megan Baker, Elizabeth Cunningham, Lindsey Golden, Roxie Doniphan Thomas, Staci Vernal
Music: Omer Horwitz
Dec. 11-12, 2010

Check out the 2010 Eureka Dance Festival with AriDen Dance company. Lindsey is the cell creature in the sheet, dancing and twirling like a newly formed cell undergoing mitosis. When free of the sheet, she stands out with her bright red hair!

May 2012 Prose of the Month

I slowly walk to the center of the room and take my place. My stomach is in knots waiting in anticipation. The music starts and we begin. With liquid smoothness we move in unison to the soft piano music. My muscles tighten and stretch according to each carefully placed position. I glide through the air trying to remember each part the intricate combination. The sweat slides down my back rippling with every movement I make, performing a dance of its own. My joints ache and muscles burn as if fire surged through my veins. I can feel my heart pumping harder and faster as I continue to dance. There are no other thoughts in my head. Everything is cleared and there is only this moment. Concentration takes control and all thought and worry belonging to the outside world melts away with each step. I breathe in, feel the pain, and love every minute of it. I’m halfway through it and I can taste my determination. The end is in my grasp. Every undulation strives for perfection. With each turn is a little self-doubt. The floor is my canvas and I’m painting a self-portrait. The mirror can tell no lies. I try to hold back my self-consciousness until I finish. I can see my flaws and they fill me with longing. The longing grows and yearns for more flexibility, a sharper memory, or a better body. These feelings get me nowhere, so I shake them out of my being, and return to my once again consuming concentration. The grand finale is approaching and my relief is near. My last few movements are strained thirsting for the finish. My body lusts for the final pose. Even though it hurts now, after I strike that pose I’ll want to do it all again.

"Linked In Motion" Video

January 2012 "Open Marley Night," hosted by The Collective at the Baltimore Theatre Project: the University of Baltimore Contemporary Dance Company in performance of "Linked in Motion." Choreography by Lindsey Golden, music composition and performance by Seth Milder, poetry and vocals by Golden. Dancers: Victoria Williams, L. Golden, and Sue Wu.

April Poem of the Month

Red Ashes Grey Rust
The embers of my life, twist into a torrent of laughter.
They twirl up into a twister and fall over the earth like feathers.
I want to grab them, but they are too airy for my fingers’ grasp.
Instead, I will run through the flakes of ash, letting them kiss my cheek and eyelashes.
My life began as a small green twig.
The twig grew into a hardened oak.
The oak was strong and had deep ravines of wisdom.
Then I fell in love, and my heart grew hot.
The heat was so powerful a glowing light began to shine through the bark.
The leaves trembled and fell off my branches.
Slowly, the bark began to crumble off, and smoke seeped out from within.
The smoke billowed around my head, destroying my senses.
All I could do is allow the heat to continue rising and burning.
Now I am free to run through the remnants of my former self.
I am born again as a wind current through the flames of my youth.

Interested in taking class??

Ms. Golden teaches at the fantastic Studiothirty4,, look up the schedule of classes on their website and find out all about the beautiful space, talented instructors, and the wonderful selection of classes for all ages.

March Poem of the Month

Devilishly, daring.
Walk out onto the horizon.
You always have a choice in matters of lust.
Pick one, or stick one.
Choose m’ or loose m.’
Sometimes you lie to live.
But can you live a lie?
Walk out into nothingness, and meet your destiny.
Try to have some faith, just a blanket of ignorance.
We don’t know where we are going.
But you can pretend you do.

February Poem of the Month

Linked in Motion
Linked Sisters in Motion.
They fight and soothe and pick up the pieces.
They are a union.
Curved bodies, connected they flow as a river with rocks and rapids. Then suddenly the river winds up a mountain and the women heave and sweat. The uphill battle seems eternal and the rocks divide them.
Tears flow down their cheeks, down their breasts down to their feet.
At times they lose power and they transform from a river of strength and force into trickling streams, slowly dripping into a still pond.

January Poem of the Month

Universal Blow Up
White. White Hot.
White. White Hot.
Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing BRIGHT

The energy engulfs. The energy absorbs.
The energy ignites. The energy explodes. Consumes, Condenses, Explodes.

Energy Condensed
Energy Controlled

Con trrtrrrtrrrooolllllllllll

Condense, suspense, condense suspense condense suspense condense suspense
Condense suspense.
Con Trol

Energy swirls and manipulates. It creates and translates.
Feel it, feel it, feel it.
I love the feeling of energy in side me. I love the feeling of energy inside me. I love the feeling of energy inside me.

I love the feeling of energy inside me. Bubbling brewing simmering stewing
Condense Suspense
Expand into the Expanse Expand into the Expanse
Universal blow-up

See, hear, and feel it. The energy.

It comes in waves. Electric waves.
Energy undertow pulling us down.
Spitting us out on top of the world.
Universal blow-up.

Balls of energy carving the space. Rolling over you. Over your body.
Let the energy mold you, hold and control you.
Let it move you, sooth, and groove you.
Condense, Suspense, control

Energy is everywhere. Devoid of void Devoid of void Devoid of void Devoid of void Devoid of void

Energy is infinite. Expand into the Expanse Expand into the Expanse Expand into the Expanse Expand into the Expanse Expand into the Expanse
Universal blow-up

White hot and bright, buzzing and shining. Rolling as waves, rolling as a bolder. Condensing and suspensing. Round and round. Through the dirt up past infinity. Control



New Dance Works

Currently Ms. Golden is working on a new 30 minute piece with her UB Contemporary Dance Company. She has used the inspiration of "Baltimore living" to draw her movement style. She is carefully exploring the duality of the City, and its diverse residents...bringing to life both the prosperous corporate side and the seedy underbelly that resides next-door. Watch as she unravels an all-to-well-known narrative, as the degenerate, the thug, the business woman, and the socialites all try to live under one sun. This work is for an upcoming premiere for the dance company: featuring three other short works, as well as an additional multi-sectioned 30 minute piece to be described in April/May of 2012. The premiere will be presented at several local Baltimore venues in the Spring/Summer of 2012.

Additional project:
In April 2012, the UB Contemporary Dance Company will be presenting a fun and entertaining hip/hop fusion piece at the UB Block Party! Come support the group by cheering them on as they work the floor showing basic breaking, hip hop, and contemporary modern dance all thrown together in a DANCE SPECTACULAR!!!


I recently went to the local art store and purchased two new books that have inspired me greatly. One is a Virtual Pose book, with pictures of bodies in hundreds of different poses. I think this book will be extremely helpful in identifying the aesthetic versus the unnatural positions of the human body. Also, I want to see what kinds of movement I may be forgetting to put into my choreography, and those positions that I could identify as being used too often. I eventually would like to create an entire dance composition based on these poses and the artistic world of drawing and capturing the naked form.

The second book I purchased was on anatomy and the great artists of human kind. Through great masterpieces, the human form is laid out before me and the difficult concepts of the functioning of ourselves is unfurled. This a fantastic way to understand movement better, as well as the way we move, why we move, and understanding our limitations as movers.


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