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Celebrate our newest additions to the Golden Dance Experiment!

Wynne Burchenal
(Dancer for the Golden Dance Experiment)

Wynne's early work with Michelle Owens, her early education in Montessori, and her dance education in both high school and at Goucher College have all been instrumental in shaping her philosophy of dance and movement and her desire to teach this form of creativity and self-expression, especially to children. Through these years of training, Wynne has come to believe that we all inherently move artfully and all have the ability to dance. It is this enthusiasm that she can't wait to share with the community.

Bria Jahrling
(Dancer for the Golden Dance Experiment)

Bria Jahrling began her movement journey at 4 years old at the Mid-Maryland Performing Arts Center. Growing up as a shy little girl, the feeling of being on stage stole her heart and she spent many of her waking hours in and around the studio, taking classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, musical theater, and more. Bria started performing with MMPAC's repertory company, Dance FX, at the age of 10. At 15, Bria began teaching tap and jazz classes. She started as a Dance major in the fall of 2007 at James Madison University. And in January of 2008, her life got turned upside down. While walking to ballet class one morning, through an unfortunate combination of elements Bria was struck by a vehicle at roughly 40 mph. Broken bones and bruises aside, Bria was also victim to a severe traumatic brain injury. Doctors expected the accident to kill her, or at least take away her ability to dance. What the doctors did not know, however, was that the passion for dance Bria had instilled in her every fiber would be what kept her alive and what kept her dancing. After intensive work in rehabilitation and a stubborn attitude to accept nothing less than perfection, Bria returned to JMU in the fall of 2008 and was able to work with esteemed choreographers Gesel Mason, Vincent Thomas, Daniel Burkholder, and more as part of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble. During her time at JMU she particpated in the American College Dance Festival, JMU's Contemporary Summer Dance Intensive held in London, and various other festivals. She also taught tap at In Motion Studio of Dance from 2008-2011, where she took jazz and turns/leaps classes. Bria graduated with honors cum laude in May 2011. After graduating, Bria studied to receive her certifications in Group Exercise and Zumba and started dancing with DC-based modern dance company DanceAntonini. She currently teaches dance and fitness classes at Project C Studios, runs the tap section of Project C's student company Catalyst, and teaches fitness classes at Valley Fitness. She also dances with fellow JMU alum Tiffany Workman's company DanceWorx, and is excited to be working with the Golden Dance Experiment. Movement has proven to be, quite literally, her life, and she loves to have dance and art as an everyday part of that.

November 2012 Poem of the Month

Lori in the Sky with Diamonds

This poem is dedicated to Lori Pettibone, my one and only best friend.

Sparkling diamond girl, she is a rainbow and I love her.
She lives on top of the world with her pink lipstick and bright blue eyes.
She dazzles all who see her, and all who get close to her. They all want to be her lover.
She lives in a house made of clouds, high up in the sky.

But she is unreachable to all, a distant bright shining angel of desire.
When you reach to touch her pearly white skin, your hand goes right through the air.
For she is a translucent mirage of fancy…
Her world is a shimmering fantasy.

High above the clouds is a handsome dark prince, with the strength of one thousand men.
He drops down like lightening into her home in the sky and she is touched for the first time.
They spend days flying on winged horses and floating atop the clouds in their own personal heaven.
Soon the sound of one million soft bells announcing their eternal bond will chime.

Golden Dance Experiment Presents "Ubuntu" at Hollins Street Festival


Inspiration: the concept of bringing community, man, woman, and ideals all together through the representation of movement. The energy of the piece will tell a story of joy, togetherness, pain, longing, and the hope for a continual brighter tomorrow.
• West African dance but with a contemporary twist:)
• Mostly fast pasted; but there is a section where I go into a slower, more lyrical movement...and a series of “playing with counts,”
to dance and drum with the sound.
• My arms and legs are reaching out to the clouds and pulling into my spirit, thus creating many lifts, and connected movement representing the bond between the sky and the earth.
• Then a final dance; some repetition; many traditional West African moves in defined pattern and exit with a soft shake and twist, grabbing toward the sun and the earth.

October 2012 Prose of the Month

Here is the prose that has inspired a new dance piece I am working on for the Fall. I hope you enjoy!

The Wind and the Dead Autumn Leaf

An Autumn leaf rustles in the wind. The wind picks up the small, thin body and brings it up, up, UP into the sky. The leaf floats and it is pushed and pulled by the crisp autumn breeze. The movement appears to bring animation to the dead plant. But the wind, it is the true puppet master in this dance duet in the sky.

The leaf must return to its grassy bed...but only to wait until next saving lift from the autumn wind's puppet strings, to dance with delight in the Fall blue sky once more.

September 2012 Poem of the Month

Naru Gardens

Raising my awareness…….
Looking ahead.
Can’t wait to get there,
But here aint too bad.

We run through the gardens.
Let’s go off to the side.
Let’s go down with our laughter.
Let’s go get our fair share.

Seeing life all around me,
Feeling freer by the hour
Want you to wrap your arms around me
We make an endless growing power

Raising my standard
Don’t look behind
All we have is the present now
Let’s stop wasting time.

We run through the gardens.
Let’s go off to the side.
Let’s go down with our laughter
Let’s go get our fair share.

I scream with abandon
I hear the cars all around
I don’t care to bother
Then I’ll hit the ground.

We run through the gardens.
Let’s go off to the side.
Let’s go down with our laughter
Let’s go get our fair share.

August 2012 Poem of the Month

"Life of a Dancer"

Aching body, complete exhaustion.
It doesn't seem like I can get through the day.
Hours pass and I am running on fumes.
But then I hear the soft strumming of the guitar.
Suddenly I run...To the open space of the room.
I begin with simple stretches, but slowly my movement adapts, steadily growing from my inner spirit.
Energy begins to surge through my core, my limbs, my spine, my toes.
A bright smile reaches across my face, and I'm leaping and turning to the delicate rhythm of the music.
I know what to do, where to move, a second before I take the next step.
It is my nature. Music, body, and spirit uniting as one moment of pure joy in time.

July 2012 Poem of the Month

Excerpt from my book of poetry and short stories:
Chapter 5: Musings from my Law Office
(Call Center Nightmare)

9 AM
Slumber. The thoughts of dreams enter my mind and take a rest. They kick up their dusty old feet and stretch their aching neck. They yawn and whisper softly as though their speech is on a declining rectangle, like a megaphone in reverse climbing downward into the mouth, rather than shouting outward growing large and pushing through a wide expanse. No, these thoughts are much too small and timid for a right-side-up megaphone. The use of ones time is often squandered away on petty ideas or foolish tasks of hostility, or monotony. Today is a day I want to spend embracing all the simple seconds of the day.

June 2012 Parable of the Month

The Dark Cave
(An excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book, "Poetry from the Eyes of a Dreamer")
~An Ode to Kafka~

In the dark cave there lived two cockroaches. One cockroach was brown and the other was black. They both lived happy lives. One day a man went hiking into the forest and discovered this cave the cockroaches called home. He decided to enter, disregarding its menacing appearance. He stepped carefully to protect himself from slipping or stumbling; he could not see a foot in front of him. He listened carefully, but heard no signs of life. The cave was cold and damp. He could not tell where it led, or the depth of its hallow. Some strange curiosity kept the man on his path into the cave, into the darkness. He carried no flashlight and had no matches or lights. He felt comfortable walking into the abyss. There were no towns for miles, no sign of anyone or anything. If the man knew of the two cockroaches would he still be attracted to this dark space? Was he searching for complete isolation or was he determined to find an endpoint? Something inside him needed to know the cave had limits. He kept searching. He kept walking for hours. He walked for days. The cave seemed endless. He had been in complete darkness for so long he lost sense of space and time. He was starved and dehydrated. He began to crawl due to exhaustion. He could not remember what drove him into this dark hole. He finally collapsed on the caves damp, cool floor with complete exhaustion. He wondered where the cave was leading him. He knew the cave had to have an end. This thought consumed his mind. As he closed his eyes he imagined himself strong and walking, searching deeper into the dark depths. He expired with a smile that no one could see after his last thought of the cave’s end. No one knew or cared about this lost soul, except the cockroaches, who were overjoyed and feasted for days.

"Sphere" Video

AriDen Dance Company, "Sphere." Directed and choreographed by Orit Sherman, music by Omer Horwitz. This video clip captures only the first section of the piece, performed at the "The Dinner Party."

"Inside a Cell" Video

"Inside a Cell is an abstract observation of the diverse and active inner life of the cell. The cell is the smallest unit that constitutes life, thus deserving our closest attention. Cellular processes, as captured in movement on stage, range from well-orchestrated organic progression such as mitosis, to abrupt and unsynchronized disintegration of cellular moieties." - Orit Sherman

"Observe always that everything is the result of a change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and to make new ones like them." Meditations. iv. 36. - Marcus Aurelius

Lindsey Golden performing with AriDen Dance Company. Directed and choreographed by Orit Sherman, music by Omer Horwitz. This video clip captures an abridged version of the dance piece that contained multiple sections.


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