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Moonrise Festival 2014 was one of the most amazing experiences the Golden Dance Experiment has ever experienced. Salih Mahammed, Lisa Tice and Lindsey Golden represented Golden Dance Experiment by dancing and shape juggling with Lotus, Infected Mushroom, Papadosio, Sound Remedy, STS9, Zoogma, A$AP and Bassnectar!! Go to for more details about the event.

Season II Highlights

Season II has been very busy for the members of Golden Dance Experiment, old and new. Since August 2013 company founder Lindsey Golden has made it her mission for the second season to host a second full-length evening dance concert at the Baltimore Theatre Project. The premiere was titled "An Evening of Magic: hosted by Golden Dance Experiment" on April 18th, 2014, and featuring live musician Lonnie Jordan on electric sitar, harp and vocals, as well as live viola by Karen Hopkins. In addition to hosting performances, the Golden Dance Experiment continuously seeks opportunities to perform in diverse and exciting Baltimore City music and art shows, as well as some specialized cultural parties and environmentally themed charity events in various regions of Washington, D.C. First and foremost, Golden Dance Experiment performance quality has grown exponentially since the addition of two new members Carrie Sells and Salih Mahammed. Carrie Sells has a strong foundation in contemporary dance and classical ballet, with a BFA in Dance from Goucher University. Salih Mahammed and Lindsey Golden met while working and performing together at the circus school Charm City Movement Arts. During the April 2013 "Dia Del Nino" circus and dance event at Patterson Park, and after the June 2013 GDE and CCMA debut at the Ottobar, Ms. Golden asked Salih to join her dance company as the first professional circus/juggling/acrobatic performing artist to become a part of the Golden Dance Experiment.

Some highlights from Season II include a step outside the box for the company with a mix of belly dance, Bollywood, and Indian classical fusion with contemporary dance movement constructs to help re-define traditional Indian dance within some choreographic choices by GDE founder/choreographer Lindsey Golden. Lisa Tice, Carrie Sells, and Lindsey Golden performed 'Sunrise' and 'Mashalla' at the October 19th 2014 event, "Bollywood at the Dunes" in Washington D.C., hosted by the organization We Are All Artists. March 1st, 2014, Lisa Tice and Lindsey Golden performed several short duet and solo pieces during their second Bollywood showcase at club Veracruz in D.C. GDE has also been exploring the Baltimore rave scene and presented dance choreography during Enlighten VIII-XIII held at Paradox Entertainment's nightclub in Baltimore MD. Ms. Golden additionally performed as a solo artist for the first RADIANCE party hosted by the promotional group- Maryland Underground-at the Baltimore lounge, The Red Maple.

On April 26th during Enlighten XIII Lindsey enjoyed performing alongside other go-go style dance artists and presented a beautiful contemporary improvisational solo exploration of modern dance with moments of break dance, belly dance, contortions, contemporary ballet and lyrical turns and leaps, acrobatic handstands and abstract pole work. Golden also performed a duet with 'Enlighten' event creator and dance artist Kelly Ann Richmond, who specializes in acrobatic pole performance and fire dance.

June 1st Golden Dance Experiment performed in Circadian Rhythms: Celestial Erotica with violist and ambient electronic musician HANNAH. The event was hosted by Proper Playground and set at Scores Entertainment. Lindsey Golden and Lisa Tice performed two duets with HANNAH, one with LED projected images on the two dancers creating a beautiful atmosphere for the show. The second performance Golden and Tice performed on stage with Hannah and then surprised the audience by jumping down into the audience to perform acrobatic partnering and sections from the 2014 season choreography.

June 14 the Golden Dance Experiment is proud to be performing at Ritual, the second addition to last year's Cosmic Campout festival in VA.

Bouncing Back

This is a piece dear to my heart. It is about a severe injury I got, ripping open a ligament in my foot and the struggle to recover and dance again. I used the bouncy ball in my rehabilitations so I incorporated it into the dance composition.

Baltimore...the Dirty-B

Here is the BTP performance of this piece, performed by Bria Jarling and Lindsey Golden. The piece is about the heart of Baltimore, interwoven with sections on Greed, Homelessness and Drugs/Crime in the city.

Signatures by Golden Dance Experiment

This video is about the Signatures we make in life: from our birth to our death, weddings, divorces, and the daily receipts we sign each day.
Featuring Lindsey Golden, Lisa Tice, and Bria Jarling at the Baltimore Theater Project, May 18th, 2013.

Ubuntu- duet version

Here is Ubuntu with Lisa Tice and Lindsey Golden from May 18th, 2013 at the Baltimore Theater Project!

Watch Videos on YouTube of Golden Dance Experiment

Click the link and watch some of the Golden Dance Experiment's past performances from season 1 on YouTube!

Snake Dance at the Ottobar

This dance was inspired by the snake charmer Panjali, (on Native American flute), and dancers Lindsey and Lisa as ssssssnakes under his control. Watch as they dance to his rhythms and slither around the Ottobar stage in Baltimore, MD.


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