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Juggling Highlights

This video has clips from multiple season 3 performances of Salih Mahammed performing his various juggling styles, as well as clips from his work on tour with Cirque Dreams.

Music Video for Gonzostein, "Denihilism"

Golden Dance Experiment's music video for Gonzostein, "Denihilism." Choreography by Lindsey Golden and videography by Raven Black, Lindsey Golden and Seth Milder.

Artist Compound "Muse of the Month"

Check out this link to the Artist Compound's article on Lindsey Golden as their "Muse of the Month" for December 2015!

About the Artist Compound:

"We host events for artists, poets, and performers. Some are entertaining, some are educational, and some are promotional. No matter what type of artist you are we will help you share your talents online and offline through our network. We help you find your creative passion, build your portfolio, and start making money off your beautiful creations."


Golden Dance Experiment composer Seth Milder has been producing music with Lindsey Golden under the name 'Gonzostein.' Seth Milder and Lindsey Golden have been creating music together since 2005, and producing music videos since 2013. Check out their music on Sound Cloud and visit the Gonzostein Facebook page to give it a "like" and follow the band's new works. The music videos "Dendrites" and "Enchanted Forest" were produced by Milder and Golden, as well as the latest video, "Denihilism."

Gonzostein Sound Cloud page:
Gonzostein Facebook page:

Circus Mix by The Lindsey Golden Project w/ Ultra Nate

Highlights of Erin Jeannier's hoop performances for The Lindsey Golden Project at Bombadillo with Ultra Naté. The video also features Salih Mjemal Mahammed with glow pins and Lindsey Golden joining in with contemporary dance with flowing Isis bellydance wings.

Golden Dance Experiment Fan Dance w/ DJ Ultra Nate

Golden Dance Experiment performing with DJ Ultra Nate during Bombadillo fest at Druid Hill park in Baltimore, MD. Contemporary choreography with silk fans by Lindsey Golden. Dancing by Christina Moondust and Lindsey Golden.

Bombadillo 2015 Acrobatic Duet w/ Ultra Nate

Golden Dance Experiment Choreography by Lindsey Golden and Salih Mahaamed. Music by Ultra Nate. Bombadillo 2015 at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, MD.


So excited!!!! The Lindsey Golden Project will be represented by my amazing group of performers: Salih Mjemal Mahammed, Victoria Aye, Christina Moondust, and Erin Jeannier!!!! Expect tree people, Elvish women, beautiful silk scarves, contemporary improvisational partnering, juggling, hooping, acrobatics and some fun surprises!!!

Set times for Bombadillo are finally here! The Lindsey Golden Project will be performing with the headliners from 8pm-11pm. If you want to buy some amazing hand made arts and crafts, stop by Victoria Aye's booth! She will be there all day selling her wares and they are amazing. If you want to check out my group of performers, go to the Ultraworld Stage for Ultra Naté (8pm-9pm) and Charles Feelgood (9pm-10pm), and XXYYXX (10pm-11pm) at the Live Stage!!

IMAGINE at Taste of Three Cities

Choreography: Lindsey Golden
Dancers: Golden Dance Experiment's Lisa Tice, Hillary Rose, Lindsey Golden and special guest Artist Victoria Aye
Music by Papadosio live covering John Lennon's Imagine

Swirve TV stage: Not Fade Away Festival

Don't forget to watch Golden Dance Experiment perform on the Swirve TV stage at the Oct 2-5th "Not Fade Away Music Festival." In Artemas, Pennsylvania!! We will be performing on Friday and Saturday and will be creating a DVD in collaboration with Swirve TV to distribute to the general public. Buy your tickets now!!!


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