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Trip Tease ft. Golden Dance Experiment and Gonzostein's "Signatures IX"

"Trip Tease" is a beautiful blend of movement and music created by Seth Milder and Lindsey Golden of Gonzostein Productions. All of the dancers featured are from Golden Dance Experiment from seasons 1 and 2. Dancers: Lisa Tice (contemporary dancer from season 1-3), Lindsey Golden (director/choreographer/dancer), and Bria Comer (contemporary dancer from season 1).

Drum and Dance Unite at the Wind-Up Space for Fringe After Dark

November 2016; part of the after hours party for the Maryland Fringe Festival in Baltimore, MD.
The Firehouse Arts & Music: "Fringe Afterdark," with Daveed Korup on drums and Lindsey Golden dancing.

Lovelight Festival

Golden Dance Experiment's Hillary Moon and Lindsey Golden will be performing with Sonic Butterfly aerial and transformational contemporary dance on Friday, August 26th!!!

On Saturday August 27th, Golden Dance Experiment's Lindsey Golden will be dancing a special set during the day with live music at the main stage (time TBA).

Saturday evening, expect flow arts and aerials with Hillary Moon, a Firehouse Arts and Music (FAM) parade of artists, and belly dance fusion by Lindsey Golden to bless the stage before Telesma's grande finale showcase for the evening. Lindsey and Telesma will be performing together as a special treat to cap off the night. Check out on the Performance Artists on the Lovelight Festival​ page for a description of what I have prepared for Golden Dance Experiment at the festival.

Interfusion festival Aug 6-7 2016

Interfusion Facebook Page:

Upcoming Festival coming up! I will be performing Belly Dance before the after parties to get things started Woo Woo :)
Interfusion information:
Saturday, August 6 at 12:00pm-12am (dancing can go till 3am!)
THE DANCE LOFT ON 14: 4618 14TH ST NW, DC 20011
30 workshop Yoga, Dance, and Meditation classes all day long. Followed by performances and dance and acrojam parties each night.
The end of each day will feature a Festival Social, Dancing, and Acroyoga Jam!
3 Dance Floors (6 DJs)
Saturday, August 6: Festival Performance Show
Sunday, August 7: Festival After-Party! 8pm-12am

Artscape 2016 Space

Artscape 2016- Theme Space
Choreography- Lindsey Golden
Performance by Golden Dance Experiment's Lindsey Golden and Hillary Moon
Guest Artists from Deep Vision Dance Company and The Collective
Music Composition by Gonzostein and Red Sword

Lifecycle of a Super Red Giant Star and the Birth and Death of a Black Hole

Concept behind piece:
"Say you have a star that’s about 20 times more massive than the Sun. Our Sun is going to end its life quietly; when its nuclear fuel burns out, it’ll slowly fade into a white dwarf. That’s not the case for far more massive stars. When those monsters run out of fuel, gravity will overwhelm the natural pressure the star maintains to keep its shape stable. When the pressure from nuclear reactions collapses, according to the Space Telescope Science Institute, gravity violently overwhelms and collapses the core and other layers are flung into space. This is called a supernova. The remaining core collapses into a singularity — a spot of infinite density and almost no volume. That’s another name for a black hole." Source:


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